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December 20021, NewsLetter

We wish each of you a beautiful Christmas celebration!

The Iturras

Hello dear family!

We wish each of you a beautiful Christmas celebration. May the blessing and protection of the Lord be upon you and your families.

We are already ending this year 2021 with a very challenging year for our missionary ministry in Chile & Colombia, but in everything, the Lord has been more than good to us!!!

Our Vida Real Iglesia congregation in the city of Melipilla resumed its face-to-face meetings in the month of August, and after a very good growth we had a very abrupt change as we had to leave the place that we rented for our meetings. To date, we have not been able to find a place to rent, so we have once again had discipleship groups and face-to-face fellowship in homes. But still we have lost some families who have decided to look for a church that has a place for face-to-face meetings. Despite losing some families, the Lord has been so good that he has allowed us to have 2 baptisms at the end of this year, and that has given us a lot of encouragement and joy.

In Colombia the church continues with the help of the Lord. The congregation has been able to return to face-to-face meetings but with some restrictions that the government has imposed in order for people to be vaccinated against COVID. Pastor Freddy and his wife Katherine continue to lead the congregation, but are somewhat tired. Pastor Freddy has made a great effort during the pandemic to keep the congregation united and encouraged in the Lord, but it has also meant a greater stress on him. For now, we have an opening in Chile to be able to travel to Colombia, but plane tickets are very expensive, so we hope in the Lord to be able to travel when possible.

Pastor Freddy Suarez preaching

Unfortunately, with my wife Adriana, we have not continued with our M. Divinity studies at Wesley Seminary, mostly because the many activities we have every week were fatiguing, so we did not continue. Personally, I have decided to go slower in these last months of 2021, and we seek with Adriana and our daughters to have a few weeks of vacation to regain strength and spirit in the ministry. We plan to support the congregations, Biblical Institute and advance in new ministries for 2022 in the direction the Lord gives us.

We want to thank you with all our heart for all your love and support in prayer and financially for our family and missionary ministry, we humbly ask for your continued support in prayer for the following reasons:

1. Build strength and encouragement for our family (Adriana, Abigail, Antonia & Darío) and for the family of Pastor Freddy Suarez in Colombia.

2. We pray for the encouragement and fidelity to the Lord and his Word by the members of our congregations.

3. We are looking to have new donors who can help to support the church in the city of Melipilla with $ 20 $ 50 $ 70 $ 100 per month. We need to raise $ 1,000 that will help us pay a rent for a period of 1 year and 3 months www.

4. We pray for the provision of the Lord to be able to travel to Colombia to visit and support our congregation in the city of Barranquilla.

5. In the year 2022 we want to improve in the congregations that we have already planted and we need the collaboration of the brotherhood.

6. In the year 2022 we seek to plant a new congregation, possibly in the city of Santiago (a city with about 8 million inhabitants).

7. Pray for our LAWM Biblical Institute and new students for the year 2022.

8. For the beginning of an English academy in the city of Melipilla, which would help us to bring teachers from the USA to teach and to be able to share our values ​​in Christ with the community and students.

Heartfelt thanks to all!

With Christ from beginning to end, and in everything!

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