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Dario in the US

Hello family,

We hope you are very well with the help of the Lord, we send you many greetings.

We want to share with all of you news about what the Lord is doing with LAWM in Chile, Colombia and in the US.


We were planning with the board of LAWM the visit of our family to the US and present our ministry in Rock Lake Christian Assembly, but we had a big setback with Adriana's appointment at the US embassy in Chile. The embassy only had appointments available for the tourist visa application interview in September 2024, so that changes a lot of our plans. In the end I was able to travel with one of my sisters, Miriam.

In our time in Michigan we will be presenting our ministry to be able to raise funds for new churches that we are praying for and planning to plant, support the church we have in Barranquilla, and to be able to buy a place in the city of Melipilla that allows us to have a place of our own for our worship services. and to carry out youth camps, seminars for marriage and leaders.

We will be visiting some churches, some church missions ministries and some friends we made during our time at Great Lakes Christian College.


Thank God we continue working in the missions that the Lord gave us so we can share the gospel and make disciples, both in Melipilla and in Santiago.

Thank God for our congregation in Santiago! We have more new people who are visiting us almost every week, and we are very grateful to the Lord for this, but we continue working. While I am here in the US, Matías Molina is leading the congregation. Matías Molina is a young man who has been training in our Bible Institute for 2 years. Now he is working with me as a pastor in training, and he and his wife are doing a very good job for the Lord.

Upon returning from our visit to the US, our intention, with the Lord's help, is to begin the process of planting a second church in the city of Santiago, which is a city of 8 million inhabitants, so that we can reach more people in the center of the city.

Very good news in Melipilla!!! Thank the Lord that we found a place to rent and use exclusively for the church in Melipilla. After about eight months, we were able to find a suitable place for the ministry of the congregation, with a good location and public transportation to get there. We praise God for his provision and for his prayers for us!

We continue with classes at the LAWM Bible Institute with twelve students. We are about to finish the first cycle of two classes and in a couple of weeks we will be starting the second cycle of classes of the Certificate Program that lasts 1 year. At the Biblical Institute we care about preparing leaders and pastors, providing tools that can help them in the ministry.


Thanks to the Lord, the congregation in Barranquilla Colombia continues stable and advancing. The removal of restrictions due to quarantine weakened some members. but thank the Lord they are already resuming their participation in the congregation normally. In the words of Pastor Freddy Suarez in Vida Real Barranquilla “…the brothers are doing very well, every day more active and participatory in the things of the Lord…In our “Casas de Fe” (discipleship groups) we are very happy with every contact we have…. We are gradually consolidating a group of adolescents, we are discipling them and taking them to church in the cars of some brothers.”

With the help of the Lord we are planning to visit Barranquilla in December of this year with Adriana and our two daughters. So Adriana will be able to spend time with her parents and family after five years away from them. I hope with the help of the Lord to work that time with Pastor Freddy strengthening Vida Real Barranquilla and explore the possibility of planting a second congregation in the city or in another city near Barranquilla. Please keep us in his prayers so that we can travel in December and support the Lord's work there.


We continue to pray and seek direction from the Lord, praying for open doors and for friends in the US who are interested in participating in this new ministry in Chile. Our vision is to form an academy to teach English from children to adults, students and professionals. For this we need those interested in teaching English as a second language through an online modality but also those who are interested in collaborating for three, six months or a year in Chile with face-to-face classes. Please help us pray for this new project, for open doors and friends who would like to support us by working, teaching people in Chile and in other countries in South America.


We are planning to resume our short-term mission trips to Chile to support the work in the new church that is being born in the city of Melipilla and perhaps to kick-start the English Academy if God wants it that way and if we have people to continue the project during the year. If you are interested in traveling to Chile and working with us on what God is doing here, our next mission trip will be on January 20 – 28, 2023. We hope to have a group of 18 friends going to serve with us in Chile. Please contact us through our website, email or contact phone numbers what we have.

Thank you very much for supporting us in prayer, financially, with messages and words of encouragement and for wanting to participate with us in the mission field.

For God’s glory!

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