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Church Planting in Colombia

In May 2017, the Iturra family will move to northern Colombia in South America, to begin planting a new Christian church in the city of Barranquilla. They are training and working alongside the Suarez family, whom will be the leaders of the church.

Our intention is to have Christians and church groups from the United States and Chile, come to Barranquilla and help the Suarez's to spread the Gospel, make disciples and serve the community.

Some of the different ways missionaries can serve the Lord in Barranquilla are preaching, teaching, teaching English as second language (ESL), soccer camps, etc. 


Church Planting in Chile

In 2007, missionary Dario Iturra was instrumental in beginning a new church, Perdón y Esperanza Church of Christ which is located in the capital city of Santiago, Chile. The church has three Elders: Juan David Lopez, David Ríos and Manuel Aranda. Darío is the missionary minister who works alongside the elders and leaders of the church, which continues to grow with the help of the Holy Spirit. Perdón y Esperanza needs help in areas like youth ministry, preaching and teaching, teaching English as second language (ESL), and children's ministry.

In September 2017, the Iturra's plan to plant two new Christian churches in Chile. One in the central zone of Chile and a second church in the city of Puerto Varas, located in southern Chile.


Church Planting Leaders

Our Missionary Vision

Church planting is a direct result of the obedience to the commandment of Jesus Christ given in Matthew 28:18-20. According to the words of our Father, our mission is to make disciples that go out and make more disciples of our Lord Jesus.

LAWM follows the Pauline method of ministry: spread the Gospel, make disciples, plant churches, train church leaders and send out missionaries.


For LAWM, a new church is viewed as part of the process of discipleship, where people can be nurtured by a strong relationship with God and through the relationship with others that have made the same decision of following Christ.


We understand that the local church is the instrument of God to bless neighborhoods, cities and nations.

LAWM Missionaries

Darío, Adriana, Abigail & Antonia Iturra are our LAWM missionaries to South America.

Church in Santiago, Chile

Vida Real Iglesia Cristiana began in 2007 in Santiago, Chile, through the evangelistic work of Dario. Today the church is lead by Dario and Matías Molina a young pastor in training.


Vida Real Iglesia Cristiana en Melipilla started in 2019, and after a good time without having face to face meetings, the church is growing and lead by Dario & Adriana Iturra


The church in the city of Barranquilla Colombia started in 2017. When Dario and his family moved to South America, they made a stop in Barranquilla and during 3 month of missionary work, the church started. Vida Real Iglesia Barranquilla today is lead by Darío.




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