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March 2022, News Letter

Hello dear family!

We want to thank you for all your prayers and support during this time serving as missionaries in Chile and Colombia, it has not been easy, but the Lord is with us. When we think about all of you, we remember the words that William Carey, missionary to India, said to his good friend Andrew Fuller, “I will go down into the pit, if you will hold the ropes.”


Our work in Chile continues… we thank the Lord for His guidance and help after these years where many things have changed due to the pandemic. Even in Chile we have some limitations, but we can meet every Sunday openly, with caution.

We praise the Lord for this last year of work! We had both online and face-to-face meetings with our congregation in Santiago, which is the capitol of Chile. Praise God, we were able to end the summer vacations in Chile with 5 new brothers in Christ who decided to be baptized...woohoo!

With the help of the Lord, we continue trying to share the Gospel with more people, just as the Lord Jesus commanded us.

The church that we have planted in Melipilla is still strong, but for now we are only

Discipleship group in Melipilla, Chile

working in discipleship groups in houses during the week. We have not yet been able to find building that we can rent to use for Sunday meetings and during the week. We ask for your help in prayer so that the Lord will provide resources so that this newer congregation can find a rental place to meet quietly, and be able to have activities to invite more people in the city of Melipilla.

Unfortunately, the work in Puerto Varas has stopped for now. Our sister, Vannia Moreno, wife of Daniel Reyes, is in critical condition at the hospital in the city of Puerto Montt in southern Chile due to COVID. We continue ask prayers for her.


We praise the Lord because we have already finished our cycle of classes with the Certificate Program in our Bible institute in Chile. Due to the pandemic, we have only had online classes, and this has allowed us to help brothers from Peru, Colombia and Chile to have 1 year of classes in preparation for ministry or Christian leadership. We are already preparing to start a new year of classes in April, and we have people interested in participating in the Institute from Mexico, Venezuela and from Chile. We hope with the provision of the Lord to be able to rent a physical place to have face-to-face classes this year, in addition to online classes. Please help us pray to the Lord for his blessings.


Thanks to the Lord that the congregation planted in the north of Colombia, in the city of Barranquilla, remains firm! They have been able to return to face-to-face meetings, praise God! We hope with the help of the Lord to be able to travel this year with Adriana, our daughters and some brothers from the church in Chile to support them, and spend time with our brothers in Barranquilla. We continue to ask for your prayers for the Lord's help and provision to pay for the plane tickets. Very soon the church will have baptism too!!!


If God allows it, with Adriana and our 2 daughters, we will be traveling to visit Rock Lake Christian Assembly in the state of Michigan to represent our missionary work in Chile and Colombia. We also hope to visit congregations and friends who are part of our support team in our missions. Also, if God allows, we pray to be able to connect with more churches and brothers in Christ, not only in the state of Michigan, but in other US states.

May our great God strengthen, guide, and help you in fulfilling His will in your lives.

For God’s glory

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